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About Cherish the Day:

Welcome to Cherish the Day, you are in the right place!

My name is Lisa Syring and planning/coordinating your dream day is my game, no need to look any further. Having a Certified Wedding Planner in your back pocket is a great gift you can give to your yourself and then wonder how you thought you could manage without me. Lead me to your dream day and I will execute every detail(plus more)!

I love to remind my couples, if at the end of your dream day you are married to your best friend, all we did was a success!! My couples entrust in us and execution is key to us.

My assistant, Scott(AKA hubby), is a Rock Star element to Cherish the Day! We have been married for over 20 years and raised an amazing son, Cole. We have a lot of fun with our couples and Cherish every single one of them, who have know become dear friends to both of us.

Are you dreaming BIG for your day?

Let us execute your DREAMS!!


The Small Details

The key to success is seeing the awareness in the small details. I believe the beauty is in the little things that lay before us.  Focus on the little things and the big stuff will all fall into place. We can accomplish great things by paying attention to these little details


Do what you love and love what

you do

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